Nov 20th, 2015

About Us

This blog was created with a beautiful purpose in mind: to spread positivity and good vibes the best we can! We can go the easy way and stick to our comfort zone, being…well comfortable. But do you know what comfortable attracts? AVERAGE! If you have goals to strive for and feel like you’re not where you want to be, then you got work to do. Being comfortable is not what will get you to your goals.

To tell you the truth, the real world is ugly. The society is full of problems and the standards set is high. To solve this problem, we usually blame others: blame it on the government, blame it on religion, or blame it on anyone else except ourselves. We can easily hide from the truth and isolate ourselves. BUT it doesn’t work like that. We need to change from within ourselves. Our very small gestures such as holding the door can make a great impact for change. This little gesture will propagate exponentially and grow big enough to change the course of history.  Let’s get out of our tunnel vision and nod or smile to our fellow men. Our little smile is the best free gift we can give out to society. Our small actions will change the world.

Your tiny little gesture and attitude could spread to a never ending loop. That wouldn’t hurt that much right?

Someone who totally understand this concept is Prince Ea, check out his video below.

The video got a harsh title, but the message is absolutely beautiful!Hopefully, you got the picture. Got a feeling, perhaps remorse? Don’t! The past is the past. We are all humans and we are here on earth together. We might be a small fraction, but we can make a difference! This is what we are, this is what we stand for.

We’ll do our best to provide really high quality content to provide maximum value for you! Some really high quality articles will follow in the future. We will work on creating really in-depth articles about weight loss and weight gain, keeping it 100% real with some straight up facts. There’s a lot of facts on this subject however A LOT of people fail to put things into practice.

Let’s keep this real & easy!

However this is just a small part, when it comes to our hobbies and how they affect us along with mental development connected to it, is a very, very broad subject. But one thing is for sure, it’s extremely important for us to have our hobbies to sometimes escape to.

With eight years of experience in Weight Lifting, I have learned a lot. At an early age, I jumped out from the comfort of our home with a vision of a great future! I am hoping to make a great impact. I will help you kill negativity. Since there are lots of people who are misinformed about diets (which will lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, I will use my own experience on diets to teach people the correct way. In line with that, we have decided to give away an excellent workout and diet plan. The same plan would cost you at least 100 dollars but we are giving it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

 This is simply because Im so damn tired of all these so-called ”gurus” selling plans to left and right on Instagram and other social platforms. Sure you get the plan, but in absolute most cases it’s not something you couldn’t find online for free. A Workout & Diet plan is a great start, but paying Instagram gurus sometimes hundreds of dollars for it is unnecessary. Simply Sign Up to our email list to receive your own plan!

Stay positive people!

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