Be Happy!

Peace, Love and Happiness – The Most Important Things

Peace love and happiness are things in our lives that seem to be so close to be achieved yet so far to get in reality. These are the things that…Continue Reading

How To Stay Positive – Cut Away Negativity and Distress

Sometimes, we don’t know how to stay positive. Being in situations that offer nothing but negativity can’t be avoided. It just happens all the time. Since the world is full of hate and negativity, how can we…Continue Reading

The Key To Happiness – Know, Understand and Love Yourself

Do you know the key to happiness? If you, are you happy? Striking. Isn’t it? This question makes you wonder if you have really found the key to happiness or maybe…Continue Reading

Every One Of Us Wants To Be Happy – Control Your Happiness

Every one of us wants to be happy. However, more often than not, we continuously believe that happiness is something that happens…Continue Reading

Money Can’t Buy Happiness – A Reminder Forgotten In Life

We are all acquainted of the rhetoric that money can’t buy happiness. However, you have a memory in mind that you were very happy when you had dinner with your partner at a fancy restaurant the other night. You also remember that during the release of Star Wars, you have been very happy to sit in the most comfortable place. None of these things would happen…Continue Reading

How To Forgive Yourself – A Step By Step Guide To Unlocking Peace

In order to know how to forgive yourself, I would like you to think back to the moment where you have hurt someone. Recall that certain memory. It might be that you have given…Continue Reading

How To Help Someone With Depression – Learn To Be Patient

Depression drags people in it everyday and people like us need to know how to help someone with depression. Anyone who experiences it will…Continue Reading

How To Forgive Yourself -A Step By Step Guide To Unlocking Peace

In order to know how to forgive yourself, I would like you to think back to the moment where you have hurt someone. Recall that certain memory. It might be that you have…Continue Reading

I Just Want To Be Happy – Everybody Understands

One way or another, people have thought ‘I just want to be happy’ during difficult times. There are some people who are quick to judge us if we do something bad (for them)? Why do we have a set of criteria to label…Continue Reading

Can Stress Make You Sick – Watch Out For The Signs

Can stress make you sick? What are the other side effects to stress? The adverse effects of stress do not choose any specific individual. Symptoms of stress can be manifested in anything you do, from work down to your abode. Stress is almost…Continue Reading

How to Be Happy Alone? Just How Do I Be Happy?

What comes into your mind when you hear the word happiness? Does it always have to come from another person? If not, how to be...Continue Reading

The Secret in Keeping Positive Thoughts for the Day

Your thought is the one that drives you. It’s your choice that makes up who you are. Negative ideas produces negative actions while positive ones will keep you motivation burning. Be positive each time you wake up and your day will be filled with…Continue Reading

What You Ought To Know About The Power of Positive Thinking

There always comes a point in our lives when positive thinking can be the hardest possible thing to do. But that’s okay. Things would always mess up. We certainly have no control over the whole universe. However, the good thing is, we have…Continue reading

What to do when you’re bored?

How come you are bored when you have tons of work just waiting to be done? Take a step back and look at your life. Are where you want to be? In most cases, the answer is no. Use your time wisely Do something…Continue Reading

The Secrets to a Happy Life

We all need a cheer-up when the days get rough. When you feel like swimming in a stormy ocean, all you have to do is look for the sunshine and be happy. In times of great sorrow, being happy seems to be a heavy burden. It is really hard, isn’t it? I’ll show you some pointers on…Continue Reading

Do What Makes You Happy, Cliché – Yay Or Nay?

When we are in the middle of stress and pressure, we ask ourselves ‘why am I doing this?’ Doing things that doesn’t make us happy stresses us. However, doing things that makes us happy at the expense of…Continue Reading
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